RIV – Robotic Inspection Vehicle

Low-Profile Robotic Inspection System for Machine Testing, Inspection and Imaging

Product Overview

The Iris Power Robotic Inspection Vehicle enables remote scanning of the stator core in large motors and generators with or without the rotor in place.

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The Robotic Inspection Vehicle is a low-profile magnetically supported robotic vehicle that fits into the air-gap for rotor-in-place testing.  It can support the ELCID stator core fault test, the stator wedge analyzer test and the inspection camera.

Product Details


  • Auto-stop setting ensures RIV stops at pre-set distance
  • Control unit outside stator core connects via single multi-core cable for power and signals
  • Can be configured for various slot widths
  • Curvature adjustment for various core diameters
  • Low height (30mm) allows rotor-in-place testing
  • Magnetically self-supporting on steel surface
  • Automatically detects the edges of the stator teeth to follow a straight line
  • Side plates give additional guidance when wedges are recessed or when wedges and coils are removed
  • Distance measurement via encoder wheel


  • Camera System
  • Miniature SWA probe for wedge tightness detection
  • 20, 25, 35cm flat Chattock sensors for EL CID testing

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