Hydrogenerator Monitoring Course – Seattle, WA

November 29 to December 1, 2023 Seattle, Washington

Price: $1730.00 USD

About the Course

The course focuses on hydro-electric generators. Although much of the discussion relates to synchronous machines rated greater than 10MVA and 6.9kV the principles apply equally to generators of all sizes down to 4kV. Discussion will concentrate on stators (frames, windings and laminated cores), rotors (windings, rims and spiders), as well as brackets, bearings and cooling. The course is presented from an end user perspective, rather than that of a machine designer.

Topics covered in this course include:

Machine design and monitoring technologies

Rotor design and potential failure mechanisms

Stator design and potential failure mechanisms

Introduction to monitoring systems

Vibration monitoring (theory and application)

Air gap and flux monitoring (theory and application)

Electrical monitoring practices

Case studies

Air gap, Vibration, Electrical quantities



Nick Stranges completed his PhD in Electrical Engineering at the Power Research Laboratory at McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada in 2001. He gained more than 20 years of experience in the design and development of high voltage motors at the GE Large Motors Plant in Peterborough, Canada where he was a Principal Engineer. This was followed by a few years as a hydrogenerator Design Engineer at the Andritz facilities also in Peterborough before he joined Iris Power. Nick has authored or coauthored over 35 transactions and conference papers. He has been and active member of the IEEE Standards Association and has participated in the development and revision of various standards. He served as the working group (WG) chair for the latest revision of IEEE 112, and has been a WG member of IEEE 115 and 1812. He is currently a WG member of IEEE 1665.  Nick is also a Standards Council of Canada Committee member of IEC/TC2 – Rotating Machinery.

Ozren Husnjak has more than 10 years of experience in vibration data collection, processing and analysis. Ozren has a degree from Departments of Physics, Faculty of Science where he worked as assistant teacher. Since 2006, Ozren worked for VESKI, Zagreb, providing expertise in signal analysis and software development. Ozren conducted a number of training courses in this area and was involved in installation of vibration and air gap sensors, and provided data interpretation services.

Course starts daily at 8:30 am
Cost: 1730.00 USD
Registration includes lunch and breaks


925 Westlake Ave N
Seattle, WA 98109

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Hydrogenerator Monitoring Course – Seattle, WA

The course focuses on hydro-electric generators. Although much of the discussion relates to synchronous machines rated greater than 10MVA and…


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