IRMC 2023

June 26-29, 2023 Royal Sonesta Houston, Houston, TX

In-person IRMC - Iris Rotating Machine Conference

The 25th Iris Rotating Machine Conference – IRMC will be held in person this year in Houston, TX  from June 26 to 29, 2023.

Hope to see you in June!




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The Royal Sonesta Houston Galleria
2222 West Loop South
Houston, TX 77027

Phone: 855-463-3091

Room Rate – $179.00 Single - (until June 4, 2023) $189.00 Double

Please join us!

The Iris Rotating Machine Conference is a technical conference held annually, 2023 will be our 25th year. This conference is dedicated to bringing together professionals from around the world to discuss the predictive maintenance technologies and to educate attendees on the practical aspects of implementing condition-based maintenance for motors and generators. Attendees will have the opportunity to share their experiences with recent failures, repair methods, testing and monitoring.

Technical Sessions – $650.00 USD (early bird $585.00 USD until May 26)
Tutorials – $150.00 USD each             Tutorial Descriptions


Monday June 26 – Tutorials
  • Partial Discharge Theory & Interpretation Tutorial – Instructor: Howard Sedding
  • Stator Endwinding Vibration: Causes, Off-line Tests and On-line Monitoring Tutorial – Instructor: Aaron Doyle
Tuesday June 27
  • Technical Session
  • Breakout Sessions (in parallel)
    > Motors
    > Generators
Wednesday June 28
  • Technical Session
  • Users Group
  • Walk-in Clinic – bring your data to be analyzed
Thursday June 29 – Tutorials
  • Advance Partial Discharge Interpretation – Instructor: Greg Stone
  • AC Machine Stator Winding Maintenance Tutorial – Instructor: Nick Stranges, Mladen Sasic


Preliminary Program

General SessionTuesday June 27, 2023

Hydro Generator Earth Fault – Installation of Carbon Dust Collection SystemPeter Kelly, ESB, Ireland

Investigation of Hydrogenerators Vulnerability Regarding Shaft Voltage and Bearing Currents Joel Pedneault-Desroches, Hydro Quebec

Ripple Spring Wedging Ageing in Hydro UnitsJean-Louis Drommi, EDF, France

Performance testing after upgrade of HPP Iron Gate 1Todora Lazic, ENERGOPROJEKT, Serbia

Partial Discharge Levels Before and After Partial Stator Winding Refurbishment In PSHPP VelebitMilutin Pavlica, Energy Institute Inc., Croatia, Zoran Bertalanic, Energy Institute Inc., Croatia

Unique Generator FailuresGeoff Klempner, Consultant, Canada - Keynote

General SessionWednesday June 28, 2023

Motor Rewind ExperiencesWilliam Chen, Teco-Westinghouse, USA

A Personal Digital Library of Electrical MachinesRelu Ilie, Israel Electric, Israel

Recent Generator Stator Coil Insulation System DevelopmentsHoward Moudy, National Electric Coil, USA

Condition Based Maintenance versus Time BasedJason Hunter, NexGen, USA

Turbo Generator Stator Core Minor Damage Repair by Electrical Etching and ELCID MeasurementsOsmo Koponen, TGS Finland Oy

Effective Ways To Mitigate Partial Discharge And Rehabilitate AC Windings By Re-Establishing Corona Suppression System (Case Stories ) Javier Portos, Integrated Power Services, USA

Generator On-line MonitoringDean Yager, SaskPower, Canada

Limitations of ELCID Testing and The Comparison Between ELCID And Flux Test Results to Repair and Requalify the Core Prior to the Planned RewindMaxwell Hayward, Bruce Power, Canada

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Hands-on, practical experience

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IRMC 2023 June 26-29, 2023 - Royal Sonesta Houston, Houston, TX

IRMC 2023