SMTracII – Shaft Voltage and Current Monitoring

Continuous Online Monitoring for Shaft Voltage and Current on Motors and Turbine Generators

Product Overview

Shaft monitoring indicates the presence of high levels of voltage or current on the motor or generator shaft in order to detect poor grounding shaft performance prior to bearing failures.

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Iris Power SMTracII technology is a robust and cost effective continuous on-line shaft voltage and current monitor that revolutionizes the detection and alerting of the presence of harmful levels of voltage and current. This system collects and analyzes data from up to two voltage and two current inputs in real time, providing maintenance staff with a tool to collect and trend shaft voltage and current levels. Once configured, the Iris Power SMTracII requires no user intervention and will alert when significant levels are detected. It is ideal as a complimentary monitor to rotor flux, stator partial discharge and shaft and bearings vibration monitors. The system is available in two options, as self-standing SMTracII device, or as a part of GuardII, multiple technologies CBM platform.


Product Details


Shaft Voltage and Current Monitoring

  • Continuously monitors up to 4 inputs including 2 voltage and 2 current
  • Accepts currents from existing grounding brushes using two different shunt values
  • Automatic analysis and output of alerts on high level of current and voltage


  • The GuardII can operate “stand alone” system with only periodic downloading of archived data or it can be networked into the plant control system for remote data acquisition and analysis through USB, Ethernet or Modbus.
  • All alerts generated by the GuardII instrument may also be connected to a plant monitoring system.
  • Combined with the Iris Application Manager (IAM),  data can be collected from GuardII units on multiple rotating machines which can be monitored continuously at a  given time.

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