Electronics Technologist

Position Title:

Electronics Technologist


Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Job Description

Job Summary:

Performs manufacturing tasks such as solder inspection and product testing.  Directs and/or assists in trouble-shooting and repair work of PCB and instruments.  Performs the more complex manufacturing tasks.

Job Duties:

Inspect soldering of circuit boards.  Carry out, or direct testing and checks on manufactured boards and products.  Carry out the trouble-shooting/repair of “out of specification” products.  Assist in the preparation and assembly of instruments, cables, components, as demand requires.  Supervise HV testing of components on occasion. Assist in the acceptance of released products as part of the “Product Teams”.  Ensure quality of products at all levels.  Ensure that the work instructions are accurate and well maintained.


Education Requirements:

Minimum 3 Year College Diploma

Experience Requirements:

Use of standard test equipment such as oscilloscopes, DMM’s and signal generators.  Ability to read electronic schematics.

Software: Word, Excel

Preferred:      1 year trouble-shooting and repair experience.


Must be fluent in English.

Physical Demands:

None.  Occasionally lifting < 50 lbs.

Mental Demands:

Fast paced, working towards critical deadlines

Working Conditions:

Test lab environment.  Frequently working with 120VAC/240VAC.  Occasionally working with voltage > 30kV.

Job Type:


Please submit your application to Alina Horia at

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