Offline Testing & Diagnostic Reports

Offline testing services and diagnostic reports that provide the relevant information you need to get your machines back online.

Let us help with your offline testing and condition assessment needs so you can focus on getting your machines back online as quickly as possible.  We have Field Service teams and our Rotating Machine Technical Specialists ready to deploy globally to complete the tests, collect the data, analyse the results and provide diagnostic reports including the following services using Iris Power instruments:

  • ELCID – Electromagnetic Core Imperfection Detection Test
  • DeltaMaxx – Tan Delta Test or Dissipation Factor Test
  • DRA-3 –  Polarization and Depolarization Current Test
  • DCR50 – DC Ramp Test
  • PowerMaxx – AC HIPOT – Dielectric Strength Test
  • Corona Scope – High Voltage Off-line Partial Discharge Test
  • Stator Wedge Tightness Test
  • Generator or Motor Visual Inspection
  • Stator End-Winding Impact Test and Modal Analysis

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