Online Partial Discharge Severity Tables

A summary analysis of the partial discharge levels by Qm number for all data collected with Iris Power equipment up to December 2021 with over 750,000 results.


The following summarizes the analysis of the PD levels, given by Qm number, for all data collected with Iris equipment up to the end of the year 2021 with over 750,000 results.  Since it has been well established that it is ambiguous to compare PD results obtained using different types of sensors, data analysis requires separation of the database based on sensor type.  The two basic types of sensors used in the data collection are:  80pF capacitors (cable-type and epoxy-mica type) and stator slot couplers (SSC).   Furthermore, data will be separated based on gas cooling pressure and operating voltages.

Download Severity Tables (PDF)

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