Experience with PDA Diagnostic Testing on Hydraulic Generators

Published Dec 1st, 1988 IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion, December 1988 - J. Lyles, G. Stone, M. Kurtz

ABSTRACT: This paper describes the capability of the PDA test [1.2,9] to distinguish between the various operative mechanisms of Stator winding insulation deterioration (if any). The ability to distinguish between the various mechanisms yields significant benefits in scheduling priorities for inspection, repairs, and possible locations of deterioration. The application of this partial discharge test to Ontario Hydro Generator Maintenance has been discussed briefly in Reference [3]. Two Normalized Quantity Number (NQN) [4,5] charts are presented; one for polyester and epoxy Stator insulations systems, and one for asphalt-mica and mica foliwn Stator insulation systems. Their stated insulation damage relationships are based on Ontario Hydro’s operating experience over the past 15 years.


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