Partial Discharge Theory & Interpretation

Monday May 6, 2019
Cost $150.00 US

Topics covered:

Instructor: Vicki Warren

Vicki Warren, Senior Product Engineer, Iris Power LP. Ms. Warren is an Electrical Engineer with extensive experience in testing and maintenance of gen-erator windings. Prior to joining Iris in 1996, she worked for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for 13 years. While with the Corps she was responsible for the test-ing and maintenance of hydrogenerator windings, switchgear, transformers, pro-tection and control devices, development of SCADA software, and the installation of local area networks. At Iris, Ms. Warren has been involved in using partial discharge testing to evaluate the condition of insulation systems used in medium to high voltage rotating machines, switchgear and transform-ers. Additionally, Ms. Warren has worked extensively in the development and design of new prod-ucts used for condition monitoring of insulation systems, both periodical and con-tinual. Ms. Warren also actively participated in the development of multiple IEEE standards and guides, and was Chair of the IEEE 43-2000 Working Group.

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