AGTracII – Air Gap Monitoring

Continuous On-Line Monitoring of Air Gap Between the Rotor and Stator

Product Overview

The AGTracII and Capacitive Air Gap Sensor provides continuous monitoring of the air gap between the rotor and the stator winding on Hydro Generators.

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The Iris Power AGTracII is an efficient tool for online monitoring of the air gap. It uses low profile capacitive sensors designed for accurate distance measurement. It provides complete real time analysis, alarm management and trending and can provide protective functionality.

The Iris Power AGTracII system is a machine monitoring system capable of monitoring air gap, and processing parameters. The system can be used to capture the data as a permanent online monitoring system with protection capability as well as being used with a computer to view and analyze data in real-time during commissioning, operation and/or maintenance.

The air gap system is comprised of air gap sensors, sensor signal conditioners, sync sensor, continuous monitoring instrument and diagnostic software.

Product Details



  • Air Gap Capacitive Sensors(4 to 16 sensors)
  • Sensor Signal Conditioners
  • Sync Sensor (1 sensor)
  • Continuous Monitoring Instrument
  • Data Management Software
  • Processes the acquired signals in real time
  • Detects the various machine modes of operation:
    – Stationary
    – Run up
    – Normal operation
    – Transient
    – Coast down
  • Determines alarm conditions and sends alerts to the plant SCADA system
  • Communicates with the plant SCADA system
  • Transfers condition data to the Data Management Software


Measuring Ranges Available

  •   3 mm to 15 mm
  •   5 mm to 25 mm
  •   10 mm to 50 mm

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