EVAII Fiber Optic Accelerometer- Endwinding Vibration Monitoring

Single-Axis or Dual-Axis Fiber Optic Accelerometers for Measuring Stator End-Winding Vibration on Motors and Generators

Product Overview

Single-axis and dual-axis fiber optic accelerometer packages used to monitoring stator endwinding vibration and stator core vibration on generators and critical motors.

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Iris Power EVAII sensor kits are non-metallic fiber optic accelerometers used to measure, analyze and trend vibration of the generator stator endwindings.

The sensors are able to simultaneously measure vibration in the radial and tangential directions safely in high voltage and magnetic fields found in air-cooled as well as hydrogen cooled generators.

Product Details


Sensor Packages

  • Single-Axis and Dual-Axis EVAII sensor configurations are available to measure radial and tangential vibrations.
  • Electro Optical Drivers (EOD) are provided for each fiber optic accelerometer channel to convert the vibration to a 100mV/g electrical output for analysis by a vibration monitoring instrument.
  • The EVAII sensors and the Electrical Optical Drivers are certified for hazardous areas however the enclosure with electrical optical drivers can also be situated outside the hazardous area on hydrogen generators.
  • The sensor kits for Hydrogen cooled generators include a multichannel feedthrough which uses a  25.4mm or 1″ frame penetration for up to 14 fiber optic accelerometer channels.


  •  ATEX / IECex certified fiber optic accelerometers (EVAII sensor kits)
  • ATEX / IECex certified electro optical drivers
  • 4-20mA remote Input-Output units are available

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