Stator Slot Couplers (SSC) – Partial Discharge Monitoring

Sensors for Continuous Online Monitoring of Partial Discharge in Generators

Product Overview

Iris Power Stator Slot CouplersTM (SSCs) are sensors specifically designed to detect stator winding partial discharge activity in operating gas or steam turbine generators.

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Iris Power Stator Slot Couplers (SSCs) are by far the most sensitive partial discharge sensor in the world since they are installed directly underneath the wedges in high voltage stator slots. The data collected using Stator Slot Couplers are not affected by normal external interference (or noise) such as power system corona, output bus arcing or other sources.

Product Details


  • Stator Slot Couplers are made from epoxy glass laminate, NEMA FR4 (Class F), are not connected to the high voltage winding  and are not subject to any high electrical stresses
  • The operating bandwidth of Stator Slot Couplers is 10-1000 MHz at the 3 dB cut-off
  • The Stator Slot Coupler is designed with a dual output to distinguish slot partial discharges from endwinding partial discharges
  • The Stator Slot Coupler is 2.0 mm thick with a width that is manufactured to the generator specification for slot width and length.
  • The penetration into hydrogen cooled machines is nitrogen gas pressure tested to 2750 kPa or 400 psi


  • NEMA FR5 (Class H) is available on request
  • For hydrogen cooled generators, penetration kits are available that are designed for 6, 9 or 12 Stator Slot Couplers.  The kit requires only penetration into the generator casing and includes a termination box with extension cables.

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