Stator Wedge Analyzer (SWA)

Offline Testing Instrument to Identify Loose Stator Winding Wedges

Product Overview

Iris Power Stator Wedge Analyzer (SWA) instrument that effectively assesses the tightness of stator wedges. The electronic stator wedge tightness analyzer is a faster, accurate and reliable replacement to traditional hammer tapping methods for detecting loose wedges.

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Loose stator wedges may lead to vibration and erosion of stator insulation in electric generators and motors that can eventually cause failure.

The SWA can be used to test all types of generators and motor stator wedges to provide a quick and objective measure of  the relative tightness of all stator wedges in a machine.

Product Details


  • The hand-held probe is small, light and adjustable to fit most rotating machines, regardless of slot size or depth.
  • In Standard test mode, tightness of each wedge is compared to predefined values while in Advanced mode, the tightness of each wedge can be compared to all other wedges in the winding, the wedges of another winding or any user selected external reference.
  • The diagnostic software provides a permanent record of test data and automated reports with the ability to export test data to spreadsheets, databases, or word processors.


The Iris Power Stator Wedge Analyzer can be equipped on an Iris Power Robotic Inspection Vehicle for automated positioning and testing.

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