Hydro Generator Condition Monitoring

Iris Power provides the sensors, instruments, diagnostic software and services needed to ensure your condition monitoring program provides the information required for you to understand the health of your hydro generators, prioritize corrective measures and plan maintenance outages prior to failures.

Hydro Generator Condition Monitoring Solutions

Partial Discharge Monitoring

Partial discharges are small electric current pulses that occur as a result of insulation degradation by mechanisms like load cycling, loose windings and contamination. Iris Power provides solutions for partial discharge monitoring under normal operating conditions to understand the health of your asset and plan maintenance in order to avoid costly failures.


Rotor Flux Monitoring (Synchronous Machines)

Rotor magnetic flux variations are the result of the degradation of the rotor winding insulation by mechanisms like load cycling, thermal aging and contamination. Iris Power provides solutions for measuring the magnetic flux in the generator in order to plan maintenance requirements.


Mechanical Vibration Monitoring

Online monitoring of shaft and bearing vibration to identify various failure mechanisms including unbalance, misalignment, looseness, bearing wear, rubbing, hydraulic problems, electrical problems, resonance, and eccentricity of rotating parts prior to failure.


Air Gap Monitoring

Monitoring the air gap between rotor and stator winding of Hydro Generators can help identify many geometric problems including misalignment, magnetic unbalance, rotor shorted turns, loose pole and stator movement that would otherwise lead to damage from magnetically induced heating or rotor-to-stator rub.


End-Winding Vibration Monitoring

Stator end winding vibration monitoring solutions measure the radial and tangential vibrations of stator end winding to provide advanced warning on potential failures. Aging of insulating blocking and bracing material can shrink or loosen resulting in increased end-winding movement which leads to significant collateral damage.


Offline Testing

Offline testing solutions to determine the condition of stator windings, stator core and rotor in generators and motors


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