Detecting Stator Winding Bar Vibration with On-Line Partial Discharge Measurements – presentation

Published Jul 11th, 2022 IRMC 2022 - Osmo Koponen

Stator winding bar vibration

  • If winding bars are loose , they will start vibrating due to the high forces (kilonewtons – tens of kilonewtons ) acting on them due to the magnetic field of the machine
  • The forces are highest in slots with both bars in the same winding phase, where the force affects in slot direction towards the slot bottom
  • The downward force is pulsating at 2 x power frequency (100 Hz or 120 Hz) and  it is proportional to the square of the stator current
  • Eventually a vibrating bar will almost certainly fail due to the punctured main insulation . The process may take years but not decades.
  • Main insulation puncture is caused by 1) mechanical wear possibly combined with 2) strong classic PD caused by the damaged slot corona protection and/ or 3) vibration sparking erosion

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