Key Learnings from Opening a New Coil Shop

Published May 8th, 2018 IRMC 2018 - R. Draper

The Hydro industry is one in which quality and reliability comes from technical experience. Our industry is conservative by necessity and machines are expected to be extremely long lasting and reliable. This is particularly true of stator insulation. Our industry has evolved to the point where stator bars and coils are less designed, to simply give long life, but rather to designed to meet rigorous tests. All improvements have to be made by referencing to systems that have given long lives.
These aspects are important to keep in mind, particularly when setting up to produce in a new shop in a new location. Over the past three years Andritz Hydro has established a new high voltage winding shop based on known stator coil and bar technology, and today we would like to share some of the important things we have learned.


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