Partial Discharge Levels Before and After Partial Stator Winding Refurbishment In PSHPP Velebit

Published Jul 13th, 2023 IRMC 2023 - Zoran Bertalanić,

Motor-generator MG2 was commissioned in 1984., but during the war in Croatia it was not in operation from the beginning of 1991. until the end of 1995. Condition of insulation system has been regularly checked by off-line and on-line measurements since commissioning of the motor-generator.
There were several faults of insulation system, most recently in 2008. due to cooling system failure and flooding of the stator.
In 2002. IRIS couplers have been installed for on-line measurement
of PD.
History of measurements indicate high level of partial discharges with
slow and steady increase over the years.


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