Performance testing after upgrade of HPP Iron Gate 1 – paper

Published Jul 13th, 2023 IRMC 2023 - Todora Lazic

The Iron Gate 1 hydropower plant is a power station built on the 943rd kilometre of the Danube from its confluence with the Black Sea. The dam is symmetrical, with an overflow dam in the middle, machine buildings with 6 hydro units and ship locks on the Romanian and Serbian sides.

The first synchronization of aggregates to the network was carried out in 1970.
In the period from 2009 until today, works are being carried out on the revitalization and modernization of the Serbian part of the power plant, which includes the replacement of parts of aggregates and block transformers, as well as auxiliary systems such as the excitation system, the turbine regulation system, control, protection and monitoring systems, and the HPP’s auxiliary power
supply system.


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