Performance testing after upgrade of HPP Iron Gate 1 – presentation

Published Jul 13th, 2023 IRMC 2023 - Todora Lazic

HPP IRON GATE 1 property of Public Enterprise EPS (State of Serbia)

  • HPP  with 6 hydropower units (190 MW per Unit No 3 and 211 11 MW per Units 1, 2, 4, 5, 6 on Serbian side)
  • On the Serbian part of the dam, modernization started in July 2008 (upgrade of last Unit No 3 is in progress)
  • After the reconstruction process, the hydro power plant’s capacity has been increased by 10%
  • Spillways are used for protection against flooding of upstream cities in case of high water level of upstream water, caused by snow melting in spring period (this is the most strategic role)

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