Endwinding Vibration Monitoring

Stator endwinding vibration monitoring provides advanced warning on potential failures caused by increased vibration with the loosening of insulating blocking and bracing material that shrinks with aging.

Condition Based Monitoring - Endwinding Vibration

Generator stator windings outside of the stator core are referred to as the end-winding. The endwinding is at high-voltage and requires support against mechanical vibration driven by magnetic and mechanical forces. Machine endwindings are designed so that under normal circumstances these vibrations are controlled enough to prevent significant movement. However,  the endwinding support system can deteriorate due to:

Endwinding vibration can lead to cracking of the coil/bar insulation just outside of the stator slot and, in severe cases, may cause the copper conductors to fatigue crack leading to high arcing currents. Eventually, any of these issues can lead to stator winding ground faults.

Endwinding vibration monitoring using fiber optic accelerometers provides a means to warn operators when dangerous vibration levels begin to occur.

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