Rotor Flux Monitoring (Synchronous Machines)

Rotor magnetic flux variations are the result of the degradation of the rotor winding insulation by mechanisms like load cycling, thermal aging and contamination. Iris Power provides solutions for measuring the magnetic flux in the generator in order to plan maintenance requirements.

Condition Based Monitoring - Rotor Magnetic Flux

Rotor flux monitoring using air gap flux probes is the most powerful means to determine if turn-to-turn shorts have occurred in the rotor winding of generators and synchronous motors. This information is critical in planning maintenance, explaining abnormal vibrations and verifying new and rewound rotor integrity.

A turn-to-turn short is the most frequent rotor insulation failure mechanism and can result in:

Iris Power provides flux monitoring solutions that include a flux probe designed specifically for the air gap distance in between the rotor and stator sending data to the instrument and diagnostic software.

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