Iris Rotating Machine Conference 2017 Presentations


Keynote – Azordegan – Evaluation of Ground Grid Performance: Testing and Maintenance

Hydro Session

Investigation of Rotor Hotspot Temperature of A 325MVA Hydrogenertor – M. Essalihi- IRMC 2017

Success Won’t Plan for Itself – D. Thompson – IRMC 2017

Pitfalls in Modern HV Electrical Machine Procurement – Case Study – M. Davis –  IRMC 2017

Double Earth Fault in a PSP During Back to Back Launching Sequence – J. Drommi – IRMC 2017

High-Voltage Insulation Aging under Service and Laboratory Conditions – I. Kremza – IRMC 2017

Rotating Exciters Testing & Repair – I. Chichkin –  IRMC 2017

Turbo Session

Troy Coleman – Time Delay Technique for Pinpointing PD Noise on Combined Cycle Systems -T. Coleman  IRMC 2017

Shaft-Riding Brushes – R. Fernandes – IRMC 2017

Replacement of Main Electrical Generator in NPP Krško – L. Romac – IRMC 2017

Recent Experience with Stator Rewinds of Epoxy Injected Machines – H. Moudy –  IRMC 2017

Generator Stator End Winding Assemblies – M. Bresney – IRMC 2017

Large Air Cooled Generator Failure – H. Tarnecky – IRMC 2017

Motor Session

Primary Heat Transport (PHT) Motor Rotor Retaining Ring Failure – A. Malik – IRMC 2017

Partial Discharge Testing:  A Progress Report   PD – A Comparison Test – V. Warren – IRMC 2017

Web-based Solution of Data Integration for Predictive Maintenance of Rotating Machines J. Werth –  IRMC 2017

Rewinding of a High Voltage Machine: Technical Features and Criteria That Should Be in the Service Specifications – A Practical Case – G. Cestaro -IRMC 2017


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